Woody’s Quads Cambodia would love to take you on a quad bike safari tour.  We know this will be THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR HOLIDAY.  Our safari tours are a safe and fun way of having the exhilarating experience of Quad Biking through rural Cambodia.

We will take you along Woodland Tracks through the beautiful Cambodian countryside which is normally only accessible by four wheel drive.  Every day customers tell us what an awesome experience they have had and that quad biking with us was the best experience of their holiday.  

Why not take a tip from our happy customers and call us on [+855] 97 403 7784 or [+855] 70 417 446 outside Cambodia 0974037784 or 070417446 In Cambodia, to book your quad bike adventure tour today?

We offer various tours (listed below) which are specially organised to show our customers the rural beauty and life of Cambodia.

Adventure Safari Tours (Duration 1 - 2 hours) give you the choice of our Village Family Tour with its panoramic views of Sihanoukville or our Woodland Track Experience 

Mini Adventure Tour (Duration 3.5 hours) includes Kbay Chhay Waterfall (pictured above) rural villages & lakes 

Maxi Adventure Tour (Duration 6.5 hours) includes all of the above tours plus Otres or Ochheuteal Beach's 

Cruise Special (Duration 6 hours) is catered specially for Cruise Customers

Full details and prices of our tours are listed in our Tours & Prices


Age is no concern as long as you are young at heart. Just ask Norrie from Scotland (64 years young) .  So if this adventurous activity is one of the things on your 'bucket list' then we are just the people to help you to be safe, gain confidence and really enjoy the whole experience.

Most of our customers are BEGINNERS and are welcome on all of our quad bike safari tours.  Prior to every safari you will be given detailed instructions about what you need to do to control the quad bike safely. Then you are 'on your bike' for a practice session to get a feel for the bike and build your confidence on 4WD terrain.  Within a very short time you will feel confident to drive on and enjoy this unique experience.
Woody’s Quad Cambodia have many year’s experience taking visitors out for safe and enjoyable activities.  We aim to make your Quad Adventure Tour an awesome experience.


Our quad bike safari tours are designed for small groups, (Max 5) That way you are guaranteed the personal attention of WOODY'S QUADS CAMBODIA TEAM, making you  feel safe and secure knowing that there is someone to help and watch out for you at all times.

Thanks once again for the fantastic tours, we all had such a great time. All the best with the future, as I know that you are only going to get bigger and better once word gets around about how absolutely wonderful your tours are."



Rural Cambodia

During your tour you will see the rural village life of Cambodia. One of the highlights of our tours for our customers is meeting and interacting with the rural village community.You will be amazed by their friendliness and the joy on their faces of meeting you. Rural village life is a slower pace than in the towns and cities. You will see the community doing their day to day work and the children having fun like we did years ago 

The rural community is a hive of activity with the homesteads kilns making charcoal, building furniture, selling goods and cattle in the yards. You wills always get a wave and hello from the villagers and the children.

Travelling along the rural woodland tracks you will see the beauty of Cambodia, stopping at lakes where the locals fish to sell their catch or just for food for their family.

 Our Quad Bike Tours are the best way to see the Real Rural Cambodia 














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